Wednesday, September 22, 2010

School Daze

Well, I am on my 10 day break from school. William has taken a two day break because he was bored. See, he tested into 3rd quarter 1st grade, but when we went to go get his materials they gave us 1st quarter. I hadn't noticed until we got home, and the school is in Mesa, AZ. And that's kinda far, so I thought 'hey, it won't hurt him to start at the beginning.' Oh, how wrong you can be...

Sometimes, I think he is just so dang smart and it's amazing. I mean, my brain thankfully didn't transfer to him! We're waiting for the verdict on that one for Ginny and Ethan! ;)

So, tomorrow we will be driving out to Mesa to get his new books. Then up to Sun City to drop the kids off with my friend, so I can go down to my Physical Therapy in Phoenix. Then I pick the kids up, then back down to Litchfield to meet Tiger Scouts for the first time!! Will is so super happy, and I'm happy he wanted to do something social. It's good to get out, every now and then :)

I bought some fabric yesterday (like I needed any!!) to make Ginny's Halloween costume. I think she she gonna be super cute!!

Speaking of sewing, I'd really like to get to it while I'm on my break. I think I'll make it a point to get some work in each day. Life gets a little busy, but you have to learn to juggle (and not drop!) everything.

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