Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Quick Update

Well, I guess it's been a while.
So today the baby, Ethan, is 11mo. Oh Man, what a ride! We just ended breastfeeding about 5 days ago. It was an amazing run, and I'm so glad and super proud we did it. He started walking a couple weeks before 10mo, and he just popped his 1st tooth about two weeks ago.
Ginger will be 3 in 4 months. Still not potty training. She has a language barrier that I am trying to break, and since losing my call center job I've notice her open up tremendously in the past 2 months. William PT'ed at 3, and truthfully I'm not that worried about that anymore.
William is doing amazing in school. He can read, write, do math, count to 100, tie his shoes...I mean wow! It's crazy what makes me happy these days. I am having to spend more quite time with just him, but its worth it. I'd do anything for him to be happy.
So, my kids are amazing marvals :)
On to us grown people...Josh is still trying to get back over to active duty. Paperwork isn't getting done by so and so, and time is short for his conditional release from the guard. He lost all the weight they told him to, and goes wherever they tell him to, but no one really seems to know why this is taking so long (or really what to do). So as of March 4th he has been out of a full time job for a whole year. It has been incredibly hard, but we make due. We had help from a handful of Angels, and by sheer luck we are not homeless right now.
I have another job starting tomorrow. It's my 3rd since coming to Arizona last August. The laptop died and I had to get another, thank goodness I did our taxes! It seemed like God knew we had money, so things were breaking, children grew out of their clothes, homeowners didn't pay their bills sending us-the tenants-into a forced move.
Ah yes, We are in the 5th home of the year. Luckily Will gets to stay at his school, but he doesn't get to ride the bus anymore. Kinda of straps us for job timing having to drive him back and forth, because we only have 1 vehicle, 3 kids, and not enough time in a day. I was thinking of getting a bike to ride to work, I think my job is only like a mile or 2 away, can't be too bad.
I'm still in school, but taking a break until April 4th, due to the comp breaking down. I'm on the Dean's List! Never in my life, until now have I given two poo's about school. It's nice to get good grades. I do want to take Medical Assistant classes though. I think that's what I really want to do. Someday.
Josh's birthday is in a week. I want to do something special but still have no clue what to do. I have a list of people/babies/kids who I am sewing things for. If I could thing of something to make for Josh life would be easier!
A Quick Update...yeah that ought to do it.