Wednesday, September 22, 2010

School Daze

Well, I am on my 10 day break from school. William has taken a two day break because he was bored. See, he tested into 3rd quarter 1st grade, but when we went to go get his materials they gave us 1st quarter. I hadn't noticed until we got home, and the school is in Mesa, AZ. And that's kinda far, so I thought 'hey, it won't hurt him to start at the beginning.' Oh, how wrong you can be...

Sometimes, I think he is just so dang smart and it's amazing. I mean, my brain thankfully didn't transfer to him! We're waiting for the verdict on that one for Ginny and Ethan! ;)

So, tomorrow we will be driving out to Mesa to get his new books. Then up to Sun City to drop the kids off with my friend, so I can go down to my Physical Therapy in Phoenix. Then I pick the kids up, then back down to Litchfield to meet Tiger Scouts for the first time!! Will is so super happy, and I'm happy he wanted to do something social. It's good to get out, every now and then :)

I bought some fabric yesterday (like I needed any!!) to make Ginny's Halloween costume. I think she she gonna be super cute!!

Speaking of sewing, I'd really like to get to it while I'm on my break. I think I'll make it a point to get some work in each day. Life gets a little busy, but you have to learn to juggle (and not drop!) everything.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 1...Do over!?

Ok, so as quite I few people pointed out, starting a new diet/workout plan 2 days prior to your birthday = not such a hot idea! This past week I did great until about half way through Tuesday. And Wednesday, for my birthday I ate 2 pieces of cake (hey, who else was gonna eat it!?).

So I say Let's start over!!

I'm not the first and I'm not the last person to struggle with getting on the right track. I don't feel incredibly bad for not making it this week. I did have days when I felt just terrible about what I was doing or eating. But the good part is that I see that I don't like certain behaviors, and I can change them!

Today's weigh in: 244lbs
Change: +1
Goal for 9/27: -2

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dr. Oz says...

So I was watching Dr. Oz last night, and it was about losing weight. He had a short checklist of things to do to aid you in your quest. The one that sticks out most is "weigh yourself daily".

For years, I thought I was doing something bad or wrong! I am a compulsive weigher!! I weigh when I wake up, and pretty much every other time I go to the bathroom!! I'm sure that Dr. Oz didn't have that in mind, but I feel better about it!!

**I was 240 this morning, which is a good decrease from this weekend when I was topping off at 249 (yikes!)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Today is the Day!

Today William started homeschool officially. I want to keep up on that! He is in First Grade!! Over the summer, everyone had their Birthday. Ginger is now 3, and Will is 6. I will be 27 on the 15th-this Wednesday!!

Today I am also starting a new health program! It's called iCanChange, and I stumbled upon it while on the Military OneSource website. It is a free program (for MilSpouses and MilMembers) that aids in weight loss! I have a health coach who will call me periodically to make sure I am on track. Accountability is why this time I'm sticking to it! I don't know who reads my posts, hopefully someone does, but I'm putting it out there for everyone! I will update my progress each Monday. I still have a goal of losing 50-80 lbs.

So here we go!
243.7 lbs
waist 43"

Wish me luck, let's do it!!

**EDIT** I should note, I am not taking any pills or supplements!! Just Living Healthier!! It worked for me before, it'll work again!!