Monday, September 7, 2009

I made Dresses!

I made 3 dresses for Ginger last night. And mostly just guessing! From bottom to top, the first a Pillow Case Dress, which I found the pattern from cozycabinmom-who is on here, etsy, and cafemom. The second is a panel dress, which I bought from Joann's. The last is an old skirt of mine, which is now a dress of hers :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Working on it [Life]

So, all right. We moved to AZ, and we got a place to live. I got a job on weekends, at a local church nursery. I live with a bunch of kids, why not get paid to do it 10hrs a weekend, possibly more?

End of week 3 of Kindergarten for Will. His pants were scribbled on with pencil and marker. Can I just say that I love how the uniform is khaki pants? Not black or anything. It was picture day, and his teacher did not take the check out of his backpack. Ugh, ok. So now I have to mail it off myself. Fine. Its Friday lets just relax.

William will be five on Tuesday. I'm not ready to ask if I can bring something for the class. I did that for him in was a mess. I am making a cake for home and he will have his choice of dinner/takeout/restaurant. We have presents ready. Should be nice :)

I am going to do some sewing this weekend. I need to make some fleece aio's for Ethan. The wraps are best for him. Ginger needs something a bit slimmer these days. Potty training has taken a backseat to the move. Someday.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Daddy does Diapers

Since coming home from Iraq, Joshua has been very serious about his daddy duties. He is even on board with cloth diapers. Something I hear a lot from other women is that dads are just not willing to deal with cloth. Well, let me tell in cloth is easier then life in disposables.

Number one reason I switched, cost, (money)! We are a military family and when you are just starting out in the Army your paychecks aren't much. With our first, William, I found myself out of diapers and out of money every month. And little Will would be in kitchen towels for a while!

Number 2 reason, Cloth diapers are CUTE and ECO-FRIENDLY!!! What more do you need!? A cute soft bottom or an expensive yet cheaply made plastic diaper you'll throw away in a matter of hours, possibly minutes? You're doing laundry anyway, so you'll never be out of cloth!

Joshua says for times when he flies solo with the kids, his favorite dipes are prefolds with covers and pocket dipes. Its easy. It saves us at least $80 a month! That is reason enough in itself!! Josh even used the word "Amazing!"

So come on Dads, give cloth a chance!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Quite the turn of Events!!

Well now, things aren't exactly as we thought they'd be but we are alive and healthy! We are in AZ now, after a brief tour in Cali. Long story short, it wasn't for us and we weren't really for it!

We are making it happen with no income and 3 small kids. We are looking for work and jumping on every opportunity. I still count as a work at home mom, even though I just became an independant caregiver for a local home health group. I haven't worked yet, but I'm excited to see whats ahead of me. I still try to sew and post new items to etsy often, and I have tons of ideas and fabric! Just trying to find the time and freedom for my hands. However, my 3rd baby just so happens to be my 1st EBF baby!! Thank you, thank you...:) I've worked hard, and I'm pretty darn proud!!

I want to keep this as up to date as possible with all of our websites and well, updates!

As always I'm on Etsy @

Until next time!