Monday, August 17, 2009

Daddy does Diapers

Since coming home from Iraq, Joshua has been very serious about his daddy duties. He is even on board with cloth diapers. Something I hear a lot from other women is that dads are just not willing to deal with cloth. Well, let me tell in cloth is easier then life in disposables.

Number one reason I switched, cost, (money)! We are a military family and when you are just starting out in the Army your paychecks aren't much. With our first, William, I found myself out of diapers and out of money every month. And little Will would be in kitchen towels for a while!

Number 2 reason, Cloth diapers are CUTE and ECO-FRIENDLY!!! What more do you need!? A cute soft bottom or an expensive yet cheaply made plastic diaper you'll throw away in a matter of hours, possibly minutes? You're doing laundry anyway, so you'll never be out of cloth!

Joshua says for times when he flies solo with the kids, his favorite dipes are prefolds with covers and pocket dipes. Its easy. It saves us at least $80 a month! That is reason enough in itself!! Josh even used the word "Amazing!"

So come on Dads, give cloth a chance!

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