Friday, August 21, 2009

Working on it [Life]

So, all right. We moved to AZ, and we got a place to live. I got a job on weekends, at a local church nursery. I live with a bunch of kids, why not get paid to do it 10hrs a weekend, possibly more?

End of week 3 of Kindergarten for Will. His pants were scribbled on with pencil and marker. Can I just say that I love how the uniform is khaki pants? Not black or anything. It was picture day, and his teacher did not take the check out of his backpack. Ugh, ok. So now I have to mail it off myself. Fine. Its Friday lets just relax.

William will be five on Tuesday. I'm not ready to ask if I can bring something for the class. I did that for him in was a mess. I am making a cake for home and he will have his choice of dinner/takeout/restaurant. We have presents ready. Should be nice :)

I am going to do some sewing this weekend. I need to make some fleece aio's for Ethan. The wraps are best for him. Ginger needs something a bit slimmer these days. Potty training has taken a backseat to the move. Someday.

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