Sunday, August 16, 2009

Quite the turn of Events!!

Well now, things aren't exactly as we thought they'd be but we are alive and healthy! We are in AZ now, after a brief tour in Cali. Long story short, it wasn't for us and we weren't really for it!

We are making it happen with no income and 3 small kids. We are looking for work and jumping on every opportunity. I still count as a work at home mom, even though I just became an independant caregiver for a local home health group. I haven't worked yet, but I'm excited to see whats ahead of me. I still try to sew and post new items to etsy often, and I have tons of ideas and fabric! Just trying to find the time and freedom for my hands. However, my 3rd baby just so happens to be my 1st EBF baby!! Thank you, thank you...:) I've worked hard, and I'm pretty darn proud!!

I want to keep this as up to date as possible with all of our websites and well, updates!

As always I'm on Etsy @

Until next time!

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