Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So, you mean it's not my fault I'm tired, hairy, and fat!?

So, I am sure after seeing my many attempts to lose weight you might think I gave up or just gave in. On the contrary! I went to my doctor because I felt that my Mirena IUD was the root of my issues.

And by issues, I mean my incredible ability to grow a beard, gain weight even when dieting and exercising, have crazy/angry mood swings, and my most irritating ability to pass out and sleep at any moment!

Like I was saying, I went to my doctor because I thought the Mirena was causing more side effects than I cared to have. Being as lucky as I am, the strings (to remove the IUD) were not visible. Yay! Well, she wanted to do blood labs and send me to a "specialist" just because if it wasn't the IUD, maybe I wouldn't want to remove it. Sure, whatever you say.

So, I get to the lady doctor...I guess she's more of a specialist than my family doctor...and she attempts to get the IUD out, even when I am telling her you can't see the strings, and Behold! She can't seem to find the strings! Oh My! I never saw that coming!

She wants an ultrasound, but my insurance won't let me have same day ultrasounds, so I wait a week. The ultrasound tech is a real sweet lady, and shows me my IUD, but turns the screen when looking for my ovaries...OK, whatever blows your dress up!

Two weeks after my first visit with my new lady doctor, I go in again. She has my blood results and ultrasound results. She's talking very fast, but I hear "PCOS" and "Let's make sure there's no tumor." I started tearing up, #1 I have this ailment I don't really know much about, and #2 I have to be on medication and go see yet another "specialist" to make sure that's all that is going on inside of me.

Wait, it gets better.

I tell her that I still want the IUD out, so she looks over the ultrasound pictures and goes for it. Armed with medieval hooks and tools, she still cannot get the stupid thing out! So she runs out to the hall and grabs another doctor, some dude who's face I never saw! He tries, briefly, and then says to her to stop trying and schedule me for surgery, he is the "boss" of this clinic. He apologizes to me and walks out. Soon I am left alone with a medical assistant to sign surgery papers and one that says I am aware of hemorrhage risks, and I'm not feeling too good about the situation at this point.

I wasn't able to do the surgery that day, because I was alone. I'm sort of glad I was alone. Sort of.

I gave the girl at the desk my paperwork, and she said an endocrinologist and the hospital will call me for my appointments/surgery. That was Friday. So I am waiting for those calls.

So, PCOS. I am taking Metformin and attempting to follow orders to "eat like a diabetic." I am reading about PCOS and trying to do what I can while I wait.

I know it's not pretty to throw it out there that these things are happening, and just like any other issue I've read people being mean and hateful posting comments to other people's blogs, sites, or videos.

I'm not happy about it. My health affects my husband and my children. I write things down when I am looking for support. That's what I need now; support and help. Please do not be hurtful. I can't do anything if you are, but why be a turd?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

School Daze

Well, I am on my 10 day break from school. William has taken a two day break because he was bored. See, he tested into 3rd quarter 1st grade, but when we went to go get his materials they gave us 1st quarter. I hadn't noticed until we got home, and the school is in Mesa, AZ. And that's kinda far, so I thought 'hey, it won't hurt him to start at the beginning.' Oh, how wrong you can be...

Sometimes, I think he is just so dang smart and it's amazing. I mean, my brain thankfully didn't transfer to him! We're waiting for the verdict on that one for Ginny and Ethan! ;)

So, tomorrow we will be driving out to Mesa to get his new books. Then up to Sun City to drop the kids off with my friend, so I can go down to my Physical Therapy in Phoenix. Then I pick the kids up, then back down to Litchfield to meet Tiger Scouts for the first time!! Will is so super happy, and I'm happy he wanted to do something social. It's good to get out, every now and then :)

I bought some fabric yesterday (like I needed any!!) to make Ginny's Halloween costume. I think she she gonna be super cute!!

Speaking of sewing, I'd really like to get to it while I'm on my break. I think I'll make it a point to get some work in each day. Life gets a little busy, but you have to learn to juggle (and not drop!) everything.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 1...Do over!?

Ok, so as quite I few people pointed out, starting a new diet/workout plan 2 days prior to your birthday = not such a hot idea! This past week I did great until about half way through Tuesday. And Wednesday, for my birthday I ate 2 pieces of cake (hey, who else was gonna eat it!?).

So I say Let's start over!!

I'm not the first and I'm not the last person to struggle with getting on the right track. I don't feel incredibly bad for not making it this week. I did have days when I felt just terrible about what I was doing or eating. But the good part is that I see that I don't like certain behaviors, and I can change them!

Today's weigh in: 244lbs
Change: +1
Goal for 9/27: -2

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dr. Oz says...

So I was watching Dr. Oz last night, and it was about losing weight. He had a short checklist of things to do to aid you in your quest. The one that sticks out most is "weigh yourself daily".

For years, I thought I was doing something bad or wrong! I am a compulsive weigher!! I weigh when I wake up, and pretty much every other time I go to the bathroom!! I'm sure that Dr. Oz didn't have that in mind, but I feel better about it!!

**I was 240 this morning, which is a good decrease from this weekend when I was topping off at 249 (yikes!)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Today is the Day!

Today William started homeschool officially. I want to keep up on that! He is in First Grade!! Over the summer, everyone had their Birthday. Ginger is now 3, and Will is 6. I will be 27 on the 15th-this Wednesday!!

Today I am also starting a new health program! It's called iCanChange, and I stumbled upon it while on the Military OneSource website. It is a free program (for MilSpouses and MilMembers) that aids in weight loss! I have a health coach who will call me periodically to make sure I am on track. Accountability is why this time I'm sticking to it! I don't know who reads my posts, hopefully someone does, but I'm putting it out there for everyone! I will update my progress each Monday. I still have a goal of losing 50-80 lbs.

So here we go!
243.7 lbs
waist 43"

Wish me luck, let's do it!!

**EDIT** I should note, I am not taking any pills or supplements!! Just Living Healthier!! It worked for me before, it'll work again!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A New Goal

So, it's just about May. My 27th birthday is September 15th. I have a new goal in weight loss. I want to lose 61lbs. After having Ginger I lost 60 lbs, bringing me to my current weight. After having Ethan I lost all that baby weight plus 15 lbs (thanks to breastfeeding!) but since stopping that, I've gained that 15 back.

I am 5'5" and I weigh 236 today. I want to be 175. I am going to do this! I have been eating healthy, and I ride my bike to my job (that I just started Monday!) I'm going to be active everyday for 30-60 minutes. So when I am done I will have lost 121 lbs! That's a whole high school kid! ;)


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April is FLYING!!!

April is going so quickly!! Ethan had his Birthday! I can't believe how time is flying, and how the kids are GROWING!!

Ginger is...wait for it...TOTALLY OUT OF DIAPERS!!!

Oh my, thought it would never happen!! But wow, she goes to the bathroom climbs up and down by Herself!! Oh, I am happy!!

Will and I go to the library now, and I think there is nothing better than the sound of him reading to me :)

I start working at Fresh & Easy next Monday. And Josh starts school again May 10th. It really feels like things are coming together.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Quick Update

Well, I guess it's been a while.
So today the baby, Ethan, is 11mo. Oh Man, what a ride! We just ended breastfeeding about 5 days ago. It was an amazing run, and I'm so glad and super proud we did it. He started walking a couple weeks before 10mo, and he just popped his 1st tooth about two weeks ago.
Ginger will be 3 in 4 months. Still not potty training. She has a language barrier that I am trying to break, and since losing my call center job I've notice her open up tremendously in the past 2 months. William PT'ed at 3, and truthfully I'm not that worried about that anymore.
William is doing amazing in school. He can read, write, do math, count to 100, tie his shoes...I mean wow! It's crazy what makes me happy these days. I am having to spend more quite time with just him, but its worth it. I'd do anything for him to be happy.
So, my kids are amazing marvals :)
On to us grown people...Josh is still trying to get back over to active duty. Paperwork isn't getting done by so and so, and time is short for his conditional release from the guard. He lost all the weight they told him to, and goes wherever they tell him to, but no one really seems to know why this is taking so long (or really what to do). So as of March 4th he has been out of a full time job for a whole year. It has been incredibly hard, but we make due. We had help from a handful of Angels, and by sheer luck we are not homeless right now.
I have another job starting tomorrow. It's my 3rd since coming to Arizona last August. The laptop died and I had to get another, thank goodness I did our taxes! It seemed like God knew we had money, so things were breaking, children grew out of their clothes, homeowners didn't pay their bills sending us-the tenants-into a forced move.
Ah yes, We are in the 5th home of the year. Luckily Will gets to stay at his school, but he doesn't get to ride the bus anymore. Kinda of straps us for job timing having to drive him back and forth, because we only have 1 vehicle, 3 kids, and not enough time in a day. I was thinking of getting a bike to ride to work, I think my job is only like a mile or 2 away, can't be too bad.
I'm still in school, but taking a break until April 4th, due to the comp breaking down. I'm on the Dean's List! Never in my life, until now have I given two poo's about school. It's nice to get good grades. I do want to take Medical Assistant classes though. I think that's what I really want to do. Someday.
Josh's birthday is in a week. I want to do something special but still have no clue what to do. I have a list of people/babies/kids who I am sewing things for. If I could thing of something to make for Josh life would be easier!
A Quick Update...yeah that ought to do it.