Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So, you mean it's not my fault I'm tired, hairy, and fat!?

So, I am sure after seeing my many attempts to lose weight you might think I gave up or just gave in. On the contrary! I went to my doctor because I felt that my Mirena IUD was the root of my issues.

And by issues, I mean my incredible ability to grow a beard, gain weight even when dieting and exercising, have crazy/angry mood swings, and my most irritating ability to pass out and sleep at any moment!

Like I was saying, I went to my doctor because I thought the Mirena was causing more side effects than I cared to have. Being as lucky as I am, the strings (to remove the IUD) were not visible. Yay! Well, she wanted to do blood labs and send me to a "specialist" just because if it wasn't the IUD, maybe I wouldn't want to remove it. Sure, whatever you say.

So, I get to the lady doctor...I guess she's more of a specialist than my family doctor...and she attempts to get the IUD out, even when I am telling her you can't see the strings, and Behold! She can't seem to find the strings! Oh My! I never saw that coming!

She wants an ultrasound, but my insurance won't let me have same day ultrasounds, so I wait a week. The ultrasound tech is a real sweet lady, and shows me my IUD, but turns the screen when looking for my ovaries...OK, whatever blows your dress up!

Two weeks after my first visit with my new lady doctor, I go in again. She has my blood results and ultrasound results. She's talking very fast, but I hear "PCOS" and "Let's make sure there's no tumor." I started tearing up, #1 I have this ailment I don't really know much about, and #2 I have to be on medication and go see yet another "specialist" to make sure that's all that is going on inside of me.

Wait, it gets better.

I tell her that I still want the IUD out, so she looks over the ultrasound pictures and goes for it. Armed with medieval hooks and tools, she still cannot get the stupid thing out! So she runs out to the hall and grabs another doctor, some dude who's face I never saw! He tries, briefly, and then says to her to stop trying and schedule me for surgery, he is the "boss" of this clinic. He apologizes to me and walks out. Soon I am left alone with a medical assistant to sign surgery papers and one that says I am aware of hemorrhage risks, and I'm not feeling too good about the situation at this point.

I wasn't able to do the surgery that day, because I was alone. I'm sort of glad I was alone. Sort of.

I gave the girl at the desk my paperwork, and she said an endocrinologist and the hospital will call me for my appointments/surgery. That was Friday. So I am waiting for those calls.

So, PCOS. I am taking Metformin and attempting to follow orders to "eat like a diabetic." I am reading about PCOS and trying to do what I can while I wait.

I know it's not pretty to throw it out there that these things are happening, and just like any other issue I've read people being mean and hateful posting comments to other people's blogs, sites, or videos.

I'm not happy about it. My health affects my husband and my children. I write things down when I am looking for support. That's what I need now; support and help. Please do not be hurtful. I can't do anything if you are, but why be a turd?

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Ms. said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of PCOS! I had it for years along with endometriosis and a host of other 'female' issues that were all related. So, total hysterectomy for your old auntie at the ripe age of 29. Diabetes has been my companion since before the hysterectomy. Your two cousins also are PCOS and we're beginning to believe sincerely that it's an inherited condition. None of us is anything remotely resembling slim, either and only with supreme effort is any of us able to lose weight. You're not alone in this baby.