Friday, October 5, 2012

What's going on...Only Everything :)

So, I am trying to juggle a lot right now. I've been ever so busy with CKC's Crafts. And that is great!! I was homeschooling my 3rd grader and my Kindergartner for the first quarter of this school year, but I am in the process of getting them enrolled at a local charter school. (We thought we were moving, but we're not really moving as far as we thought, another story for another day). It was fun to have them home, and seeing my 5 yr old learning to read is an experience that cannot be replaced, but we are heading on to a new chapter of life: The Civilian Chapter.

Hubby's army contract ended on August 3rd, and he decided to enroll in college to get a degree and a new direction. It's hard to get hired when all you have done for 8 years is army infantry, not much of a job market there. So, he is going to medical assisting school, and I'll be going too in another 3 weeks. He also got a part-time over night job at Home Depot, his schedule is crazy and I am so proud of everything he's doing! I am trying to get kids situated prior to my start date.

I am also starting my mark. business back up. As Hubby and I juggle kids, school, work and everyday life I thought that it was a perfect time to breathe new life into this great opportunity. If you don't know mark., it is an Avon company, so you know it's great quality products! It's a fun and fashion forward line of on trend clothing, make-up, skin care, and you name it-everything Fashion and Beauty!! It's a great product, my favorite items are the eye shadows because they always have bright, fun, and classy options for anytime of day or night ;)

This is where you can find my eBoutique! And I also just did a mini revamp of the My mark. by Corinne facebook page. So those are there for you to check out.

Also, don't forget that CKC's Crafts is also on facebook here:  and we are really close to the 200 fans mark, so look out for the giveaway/contest rules as soon as that happens! I'm also on pinterest now, just search ckc's crafts! And I'll be using the #ckcscrafts hashtag on Instagram to share new photos of projects. Getting the word out ;)

So, I am busy to say the least, but that's the way I like it!! Oh, and I'm trying to learn how to knit ;)

And, that's my little update!! Hope everyone is doing well!!

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