Thursday, July 19, 2012


I have added a new section to my Etsy shop CKC's Crafts! It's called READY TO SHIP....Simple enough, right!?

There I will list any and all pre-made items; such as item I make as samples and so forth.

I noticed a have quite a bit of craftiness just hanging out, so why not put them out there...and at a discounted price!!

Now: The reason for the discounted price (because I was asked about the quality of the pieces by a customer, so...) I marked these items down because, they are pre-made/non-custom/no chance you can ask me to change it to a yarn color I have to go out and purchase...Make sense? You get it faster and at lower cost (win-win!).

Also, back to quality. These are very bit as good as anything else I make! Remember, these are the items in the pictures of those custom listings you're buying ;) I have the same work ethic and commitment to quality for everything I make.

You won't find my handmade work in any store, and every purchase helps me grow my business-and in turn helps my family!! So thank you for your support!!

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